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Social Engineering Advanced Practical Engineering Training Thoughts

The purpose of this blog post is to share the experience I had while taking Social-Engineer Inc.’s Advanced Practical Social Engineering Training course in Orlando a couple months ago.

While I am not a professional social engineer or penetration tester, I have been gaining interest in the skills associated with both of these professions. Social engineering is not just for those who are trying to illicit information for malicious purposes, but can be used to influence people as well. The purpose of this class for me was to gain a deeper insight in how to read people, body language, emotions and learn how to adapt my communication so it is better received by the party on the other end of the conversation.

Learning how to communicate with people may come easy to some people but after this class I gained a much deeper insight into how I come off to other people in various situations. For me specifically, under stress, I tend to be dominant and can come off as cold and harsh (which I already knew). What I didn’t understand was how to adapt my communication style to the people I was in the room with when I was stressed so I didn’t come off cold and harsh.

Social Engineer Inc.’s iterative method for introducing psychology concepts into the class while interjecting real life examples as to better understand the concepts being addressed really hit home for me. One main focus for this course was that we only wanted to focus on influencing our target’s to give us information rather then using manipulation. We were told we always wanted to leave our target’s feeling better for having met us.

Upon returning home from Orlando, I immediately started putting into practice some of the tools and techniques that I learned both from the Social Engineer Inc. team as well as my classmates. I found that I was being received in a much more positive manner while still achieving the direction I wanted without all of the fuss. We all know that everyone is a different person and everyone internalizes things in a different way but what we don’t always think of is how to adapt ourselves to various situation (even if they are out of our comfort zone) in order to illicit information or stretch our skills.

The class itself was held in a classroom during the day but the more interesting part was the homework. Being able to put your skills to use in social engineering engagements with a team was an experience that I didn’t think I would value as much as I do.

For anyone interested in learning social engineering concepts, understanding how to adapt to various communication profiles or even just sharpen your skills with knowledgeable and interactive instructors, I highly recommend this experience. For those of you that are interested in social engineering concepts but aren’t quite sure about training, check out .

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